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    Zhuhai EASTEVER Electronics Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the development, sales and production of RF Balun Transformers, Power Splitters, Couplers, Inductors, coils and other patch type and plug-in electronic components.

    Company was founded in September 2010, after the company team for several years of efforts, now has with the American Arris, CASA, Malaysia Inte, Foxconn, Digital Video, Conte, Corecom, Oriental Guangshi, Skyworth, Jiuzhou several cable terminal equipment at home and abroad such as large enterprises or listed companies to establish a stable relations of cooperation.

    Now, the company has a professional production base in Yangjiang, Guangdong and Mianyang, Sichuan, and the production plant has ISO9001:2004 QMS certification and ISO14001:2004 EMS certification. The entire series of products from raw materials to finished products, all production processes have all passed SGS certification and RoHS certification; At the same time, the company has several patents for utility models and an invention certificate. In addition, the company passed the identification of national high-tech enterprises in 2017.

    The company currently has professional development and sales team in Three categories of products: RF Balun Transformers, Power Splitters, Couplers. It provides a good supply channel for customers of cable TV terminal equipment at home and abroad. Customers can buy the same quality RF Transformers, power dividers and couplers at the domestic price. It fills the blank of domestic manufacturers that do not professionally produce RF Transformers, power dividers and couplers.

    We not only save the purchasing cost for our customers, but also solve the problem of long procurement cycle from foreign large factories, effectively shorten the purchase time of the device, make the factory have sufficient production time, ensure the quality and quality of the product can be completed on schedule.


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